Friday, June 26, 2009

Heroes Con

I attended Heroes Con last weekend, and had a great time. There are already some write ups and uploaded photos out there on the web, and since I should be working instead of doing this I am going to defer to those for a description of the weekend. Eric Canete had a lot of nice things to say about the weekend, and Evan Bryce did quite a comprehensive run down of his weekend, and then you can always go and check out the Heroes Con blog. For those who like pictures more than words the Heroes Con guys and gals have a flickr account with loads of photos from the weekend. You can even spot Nayoung and I in one of the photos taken at the after party. Speaking of the after party, that comic shop was nothing short of amazing and I wish I had something similar in my area.

Anyhow, if Heroes is a show you can attend you should attend. It's small in size, but draws a huge ammount of talent and is a great overall atmosphere.

Now back to work.


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