Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Young and Secret today...

I've got two books on shelves today, both from Marvel. Young Avengers #9 and Secret Avengers #8.

Here's some pages from Young Avengers...

And here are some pages from Secret Avengers (Mockingbird has disguised herself as an AIM scientist, but then her memory was tampered with, so she's not sure who she is or what she's doing there. Kind of an amusing scene with her (looking like some dude) going around and trying to not get noticed as an imposter.)...


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Planet of the Apes cover catch up!

I did a bunch of covers with Gabriel Hardman for the 12 issue series Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm. We didn't do a cover for every issue. I think we did 9 in all. I posted up to #7, and here's the rest of them (#9-#12)...


Adventures of Superman Ch 13-15

I colored 3 more chapters of the digital first Adventures of Superman.

Chapters 13-14 were written by Nathan Edmondson and drawn by Yildiray Cinar...

Chapter 15 was written by Kyle Killen and drawn by Pia Guerra. Some people may not know this, but I colored a lot of Pia's work on Y the Last Man (I colored issues 21-60) while I worked for Zylonol Studios. It was fun to color her art again after all these years...


Flash Annual #2

I got to color a 10 page story in the Flash Annual #2. Written by Nicole Dubuc and drawn by Cully Hamner. I've known Cully for the past 4 years or so, and admired his work for the past 10 so it was great to finally get to work with him.


Secret Avengers #7

Another one with art by Butch Guice! :)


Swamp Thing #23

In issues 22 and 23, John Constantine makes an appearance. He's being kind of a dick because he's under the influence of some kind of magical whiskey that comes from a tree. Also, I've never colored David Lapham before, and he helped out on the issue and did some pages. Pretty rad!