Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wonder Woman #11

Wonder Woman #11 is out this week (7/18). Here's a sequence from the issue that I particularly like. There's something about coloring mundane, everyday scenes like the main street or a doctor's office that really captivates me. I think it's because I can pull from things I notice in everyday life. Like that terrible wood paneling matched with an awful deep green/blue carpet that's not been updated in three or four decades. I mean, I've been in an office like that.

Also, I like how the scenes change, and the pace at which they shift from one to another across these three pages. From inside the outdated office, to outside on a crisp and clear (note WW's jacket) afternoon just after a rainstorm (note the fresh puddle on the ground), to an odd half lit eclipse scene. This sequence is a great example of color adding a layer to the story telling, and it sure was a blast to work on.

If you're interested in seeing the preview with words, CBR has it posted here.


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Brandan said...

Why isn't this book selling 200,000 every month??!