Saturday, July 28, 2012

Catch up (July)

Been keeping my head down, and staying busy with work lately. So, here's a bit of catch up, and a look at some books that have just come out, about to come out, or will be out in the next couple of weeks. First up is The First X Men #1, which is out next Wednesday (7/26). There's a preview of the first few pages over on CBR, and below is just a little Wolverine and Sabertooth fighting some guys in robot suits...

Next up is a nifty little motorcycle chase scene from Secret Avengers #30 which was previewed in an article with writer, Rick Remender over on CBR.

And, from Image Comcis, Graveyard of Empires #4 came out last week (7/25). Written by Mark Sable and drawn by Paul Azaceta. Check out the preview here, and another page below...


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