Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holly crap!!!

First off, let me say that I struggled to decide if I should even post this or not because I don't want it to come off as braggy (is that a word? I don't think so). And after some thought I decided to go with a piece of advice from a friend/artist, which was, "If you won't promote your art, then why would you expect anyone else to do it for you." So, with that advice in mind, here's a post about me, or my art...

I'm a bit behind the end of year "best of" comics talk, due to deadlines and holiday engagements. So as I was searching the internet for praise about my friends/collaborators I found something mentioning me.

Comics Daily's pick for best colorist was Dave Stewart, not a huge surprise, seeing as he is one of the best colorist in the industry. What did surprise me was... well, here, just read for your self!

"Best Colourist: Dave Stewart There have actually been some excellent colourists working at the top of their game this year – Matthew Wilson on Phonogram and assorted Marvel books, and Alex Sinclair working harmoniously with Frank Quitely on Batman & Robin – but Stewart gets this for superb work on not one but two gorgeous- and very different-looking books, Seaguy and Detective Comics; neither of which would have looked the same without him. [SP]"

Wow, I was mentioned in the same paragraph as Alex Sinclair and Dave Stewart? What were they smoking?




NolanWoodard said...

Makes sense to me. You're a hidden gem. Your BIG time is coming.

Tony Shasteen said...

That is great! Dave Stewart and Alex Sinclair are in good company!