Monday, June 16, 2014

Heroes Con 2014

My favorite comic convention of the year is just around the corner.

Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC.

I'll be sitting in artist alley at table AA-707.

UPDATE: I'll be on the Color Me Radd On Saturday @ 12:30 pm in Room 201/202.

You’ll never look at color comics the same way again! Join Oni Press editor in chief James Lucas Jones and rock star colorists LAURA MARTIN, RICO RENZI, LUIGI ANDERSON and NICK FILARDI for a discussion on the role of colorists in storytelling.

I'll have copies of Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Young Avnegers, and Thor The Mighty Avenger trade paperbacks and hardcovers for sale. I'll also have a few copies of Phonogram Vol 2 trade paperbacks and a few other books that I've colored.

I'll also have copies of The Wicked + The Divine #1, which will be coming out 2 days before the show on June 18th. I'll have copies of all the variant covers from issue #1, so if you're interested in those come by early because I only have a small amount of the variants (but quite a few of the regular covers).

As well as books I'll have new and old prints for sale. They're all on high quality paper and look really nice. My older prints are a great deal at 2 for $10.

Here's one of my favorite older prints that you can get for a steal...

I've done 4 new prints at 11x17 and they're limited to 50 copies each and $25 each. I'm not ready to show those images just yet, but trust me, you'll REALLY dig them. Come by and check these out (here's a peek at the new ones)...

I'll also have my markers and doing color commissions all weekend. So, if you have a black and white sketch that you want me to color with markers bring it by the table.

Here's some marker work of mine over a Chris Samnee sketch...

Here's my price list for color commissions:

9x12-ish (or smaller, in other words)
Busts w/ no BG $20
Busts w/ BG $30
Single character w/ no BG $50
Single character w/ BG $75 + (depends on BG complexity)
Mult characters w/ or w/out BG $100 + (depends on character and BG complexity)

Bigger than 9x12-ish ask for prices. (will decide on a case by case basis, depending on the drawing)


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