Thursday, August 18, 2011

Baltimore and X Men Season 1

Hey hey!

I'll be in Baltimore this weekend for the con. I won't have a table, and I'll just be wandering around. So if you see a bald colorist say hello! And who knows, it might actually be me. ;)

Also, I have a new project with my buddy Jamie McKelvie, X Men Season 1! Newsarama has an interview with the writer Dennis Hopeless and Jamie along with some images. Go check it out!



Tyler Chin-Tanner said...

Well I'll be there walking around too, so I'll keep an eye out for you, or some other bald colorist, you're all the same really.

Paul Allor said...

Cool! I'll be walking around Baltimore as well (with copies of Clockwork, fresh off the printers), hoping to network with editors. If I see you I'll say hi. And then I'll say, "Oh, sorry. Wrong bald colorist."

Matthew Wilson said...

Ha! It's like a bald colorist scavenger hunt! Excellent!