Saturday, December 18, 2010


So this is a preview for something waaaaaaaay down the line. As in, not until March. This Crossbones one-shot will be for the 70th anniversary of Captain America this coming spring.

A friend of mine, Declan Shalvey, drew the book. This is the first time we've worked together, but we've been wanting to collaborate for ages now. I feel like the book is a perfect fit for both of us, and I'm having a blast coloring these pages.

CBR has info on the book in the latest T&A article, and here are the preview pages...



jamie said...

f**k me,that's some AWESOME artwork,
i have some early work by declan,the book he won and deservedly so the eagle award for,and he has come so far as an illustrator,even though that work was amazing way back when.
great colour work on the rain effects,too.

Matthew Wilson said...

Yeah, Declan has been making great strides this past year. I'm really lucky to work with him.