Friday, November 5, 2010

Busy, busy.

Hey! I've been pretty busy these last 2 weeks. I did a whole bunch of shorter stories (three of them drawn by Jamie McKelvie!) and helped Matt Holingsworth with some pages on Ultimate Avengers. I'm also in the middle of my next issue of Wolverine and Thor: TMA and about to start Ultimate Comics Doom #1. So I'll have a whole bunch of posts in the next few weeks.

Tomorrow I'm taking a day off of work to talk to students at SCAD Atlanta about coloring comics. The amazing colorist Laura Martin will also be there to speak. It should be a lot of fun. Here's a link to the blog post about it.

EDIT: I didn't realize there was this cool poster for the talk...

Anyhow, that's my update for now. No work to post today, but like I said, there are a whole lot of previews coming real soon.

Talk again soon!


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