Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kind of a big deal. (Updated)

I just finished my first issue of work for Marvel. The art was done by Esad Ribic, who usually paints his work and is an outstanding artist. It was a great project (not sure if I should name it yet), especially considering it was my first for either of the big 2 publishers. I mean, I got to color Wolverine and the art was kick ass, not a bad start. I will post pages as soon as I can. (I've also got another Marvel job lined up, so yeah, HOORAY!)

Also, I've colored a cover for isse 3 and two covers for issue 4 of The Anchor that I am really happy with, and will post when I can.

So if you're asking yourself, was this just some lame tease post with no art work to show, the answer is yes. But keep an eye out for some cool updates in the near future.


So, Eric Nguyen told me he saw my next Marvel thing talked about over at Bleeding Cool. They said some nice things about my coloring on Phonogram, and they said that because my Marvel book is S.W.OR.D. #1 and it's written by Kieron Gillen (PG writer). The back up story is also by Kieron and the art is by Jamie McKelvie (PG artist). How awesome is that? I love working with those guys, and to do it for Marvel is something I didn't expect, that's for sure.


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