Wednesday, August 5, 2009

45 (not the records)

I have colored a piece for an anthology written by Andi Ewington, put out by Com.x called 45. I've been asked to hold off on putting up my colors until the book is closer to release, but I can say that I had a lot of fun doing the piece and that I worked in a way that I haven't ever tried before. So that being said, I can't wait until it comes out in print so I can see how it came out.

I'm snagging a quote from Scott Thill's preview of 45 over at WIRED for a description of the project... "After journalist James Stanley skips a test that would reveal whether his unborn child is carrying a superhero gene, he hits the road to interview 45 supers to prepare himself for the possibility."

If I remember correctly the book will be out in December, and Amazon has it up for pre-order here. Hopefully I will be able to post my page soon.


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